May 26, 2008

Coming Home

Sara Madalin got to come home Saturday, May 24.  She was very good on her 4 hour ride home. She slept most of the way.  As we got closer we could tell that she was getting restless.  It was a long ride in a car seat for a 3 day old little girl. When we got home, Me-Me Sue-Sue (Susie) and Pop-Pop (Wayne) were waiting for us.  They had been with us all week and they wanted to see her arrive home.  B. B. (Anne) and Aunt Anna had gotten balloons and a yard sign for us.  

After Me-Me and Pop-Pop left, we walked next door and introduced her to Mr. Lonnie and Mrs. Dianne.  They said they had been watching for us since the sign was put in the yard.  They were so excited to see her and told us she was so pretty.

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