May 28, 2008

Miracle Blanket

When we first found out that we might be adopting Sara Madalin I asked my friend Nicki Glenn to tell me a few things that I would need when bringing home a newborn.  I've watched her with her little boy as he's grown over the past couple years and she's had some really neat gadgets and ideas with him.  One thing that she told me I should get is a Miracle Blanket. It's a blanket specially designed for swaddling your baby.  I ordered a couple and took it with us when we went to pick up Sara Madalin.  The first night she was with us I wrapped her in it. She loved it.  She doesn't care so much for me moving her arms and hands away from her face to wrap her up.  But once I do, she is so still and quiet.  The last two nights she has slept about four hours at a time.  When I try to wake her in the morning, she is so snug that she just wants to stay there.  She wants her bottle, but she doesn't want to wake up to get it.  Isn't she so cute?

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The Glenn Gang said...

Ahhh...THE MIRACLE BLANKET! My favorite!!!

Dan is a master with the thing. We're coming to visit SOON so he can teach you his tricks then.