May 26, 2008

Our first day at church

Although Sara Madalin was only 4 days old, we wanted to take her to church Sunday.  We had several people praying for us while we were gone to get her and they really wanted to see her.  We also wanted to surprise our church family who has prayed for us for many years as we tried to have children and adopt.  We waited until about 11:15 to arrive and we waited out in the foyer at the back of the sanctuary.  At the end of service, after the invitation, Bro. Clark called Susie up to make an announcement.  As she walked up to the pulpit, Wayne came out to get us.  We started walking down the aisle to the front, with me holding Sara Madalin in my arms.  As we walked down the aisle, people started gasping and oohing and aahing  and crying. By the time we made it to the front, everyone was standing and clapping.  Susie quoted the scripture that Hannah spoke after her prayers were answered for a child.  Then she said that she and Wayne had gotten to witness and be part of a great miracle in our lives this past week.  Bro. Clark called us to stand up there with him and Susie.  Everyone in our church was so happy.  Reagan thanked everyone for praying for us and told that we would like to share with them what all God had done in our lives through a testimony at a later time.  But for now, he just thanked them for being faithful to pray and because of their faithfulness and God's faithfulness, we wanted to be faithful and give Sara Madalin back to the Lord.

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Great...I'm crying at work! Thanks! :-)