May 31, 2008

Good-bye Aunt Brandi

We said good-bye to Aunt Brandi this morning.  She spent the night with us and Sara Madalin got to sleep with her. 

After Aunt Brandi left we went to Brookhaven to look at nursery furniture. I had decided a few weeks ago what color and style and we had looked at several ensembles they had down there.  But we didn't want to purchase anything until we actually had her here in the house with us.  So we went to Expectations and purchased her crib and a dresser/changing table combo. After we picked out and paid for everything, we went to eat at Wendy's.  I took a picture of her at her first (of many) fast food restaurants.

After lunch we went to Mamaw and Papaw Brown's.  Sara Madalin and I stayed there while Reagan and Mr. Brown went to pick up the furniture.  Then we came home and Reagan spent the better part of the afternoon putting it all together.  We're not quite done with the nursery. When we are I will publish some photos.  While we worked on the nursery, this is what Sara Madalin did.

We got her a pack and play yesterday and Reagan put it together last night.  This afternoon we put her in it for a nap while we worked in the nursery.  It has a music player and vibration device on it.  Reagan set it to come on when she made sound.  I seriously think she figured that thing out.  She would nap for a little while then make a little whining sound and activate the music.  Once it would play, she would quiet down and go back to sleep.  She did that so much that the batteries are already dead.  But by the looks of her in the photo above, she loves it.

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