May 29, 2008

What's in a Name?

A few people have made a comment about Sara Madalin's name.  It's spelled a little differently than normal.  Well, there is a reason.

Her first name is after her birth mother, Sayra.  I liked it spelled S-A-R-A.  And I wanted a double name.  I thought about Sara Beth (after my sister), Sara Margaret (after my best friend, Regina), Sara Avery, and lots more.  Then one day I was thinking about my name, Malinda Dianne.  I didn't really like Sara Dianne as a double name.  Then it hit me.  I rearranged the letters in my first name and it spelled Madalin.  So, she's named after both her birthmother and me, Sara Madalin.  But poor thing, she'll probably spend the rest of her life having to correct people who spell it wrong.  She can just blame her mommy.  But don't most girls end up blaming their mom's for most everything any way? :-)


Julie said...

The name is perfect! I love the reasons behind the name selection. My grandma Shaw was named Sarah, but I'm not sure of the spelling

pat farmer said...

Her name is as precious as she is.
You naming her after her birth
mother just shows the love that
you have. It shows in your
actions and in the smile on your
Pat Farmer

Lindy said...

I just love the name Sara Madalin. I love that it contains the letters of your name. My name is Melinda... similar to yours. I didn't had a daughter, but had considered girls names like Melissa and Melanie. I never thought of Madelin. You are so clever!! I think your daughter will love the meaning behind her name.