May 30, 2008

A Message from Sara Madalin

Wow, I've had a long day.  First, I woke up extra early so I could watch Daddy get ready for work.  He leaves really early.  Like at 7:30 or something.  Usually, I'm still asleep. But today I made an extra effort to be awake so I could watch him and get a bye kiss before he left.  Then I went back to sleep next to Mommy.

Then my Aunt Brandi showed up.  I haven't seen her since I was born.  And that was over a week ago.  I don't know how she stayed away from me for so long.  In case you haven't heard, I'm pretty adorable and it's hard for people to stay away from me once they've met me.  She came all the way from Amory to see me.  She watched me while Mommy went to get her hair cut and show all the ladies at the beauty shop my pictures.  Aunt Brandi is kind of fun.  But also kind of loud. She held me the whole time Mommy was gone.  Mommy got on to her and said she was going to spoil me.

This afternoon my pastor, Bro. Clark and his wife, Mrs. Pam came to visit me.  Now, my Aunt Brandi is loud, but Bro. Clark even puts her to shame.  But he seems like a nice guy.  I really like Mrs. Pam.  Mainly because she held me and fed me a bottle.  I like pretty much anyone who feeds me.  I'm eating 3 ounces in my bottles now cause 2 just is never enough any more.

After they left Mommy, Aunt Brandi and I went shopping.  Aunt Brandi said I need to get used to that.  I don't know what she means by that.  Anyway, we went and bought me a Pack & Play. It's so I can be in the living room with Mommy during the day rather than staying in my cradle or lying on the couch.  We also went by Bethany Christian Services. I got to meet Mrs. Margaret, Mrs. Nancy and Mrs. Peggy.  They are sweet.  Mommy forgot to take pictures of me with them.  I guess that means I'll go visit them again soon, because Mommy wants to take my picture with EVERYONE. 

Aunt Brandi kept me while Daddy and Mommy went to dinner tonight.  She taught me a new trick.  You can see me practicing it in the picture below.  Mommy said I might not get to play with her anymore if she keeps teaching me things like this.

I know that a lot of you have been reading about me over the last week. Mommy says it would be nice of me to thank you.  So... thanks.  I'm pretty special to Mommy and Daddy, and that's cool.  But to be special to so many of you, that means a lot.  So, keep checking in on me.  I hear life only gets better after the first week.

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Julie said...

How in the world did you get away with not posting a picture of your sister yesterday with that new toy? You know how jealous she can get, she might pout!! Ha Ha!!!