Jun 2, 2008

Clase de Espanol

Tonight Sara Madalin got to attend her first Spanish class. We didn't have class last week because of Memorial Day.  So they didn't know about her until we walked in tonight.  It was our last class before the Summer Break.  They were all so excited to see her. She did really good. She ate around 7:00 and then she and I sat on the couch in the back and listened to everyone else converse in Spanish. Here we are with our teacher, Marisol. Then Marisol asked to hold her so we took a picture of them together.

After we got home from Spanish class Aunt Amy and Aunt Anna came over.  Anna had seen Sara Madalin the night she came home. Amy first saw her tonight.  They were so funny. First arguing over who would hold her, then giving me a hard time about feeding her only on her schedule.  They are just funny.  They brought her a cute little frog wearing a dress with her name on it.  We took a picture of her "looking" at the frog.

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Julie said...

I'm glad that was your last class. That girl will be talking before I ever get to see her and I do want to be able to understand her! I don't know any spanish, only Braxton redneck!!!