Jun 7, 2008

Construction Site and a Bath

Our day started with a visit to our land in the country. Reagan has some guys moving dirt out there building up the pad for our house site. We're still quite a ways from building but we are trying to get the dirt work done so that when we are ready to begin construction, that part is already done.  Of course, we had to take photos in front of the big equipment and Reagan took a few shots of the land.

After we left the site, we went to eat at Jarro's for lunch. She ate while we were there too and was out before we even got home. I put her in her bouncer and let her finish her nap. She loves this thing.

She's had a couple baths in the sink already, but Daddy wasn't here to take pictures. Tonight he was. She really does kind of like baths. She is really still and just kind of looks around. I hope she stays this good.

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The Glenn Gang said...

Land in the country? Tell me about this! Where?