Jun 2, 2008

First Visit with Our Pediatrician

This morning Sara Madalin had her first doctor's appointment. It was her two week well-baby visit.  She was asleep when we first got there and we had to wait just a little while.  About the time they called us back was when it was time for her bottle.  We first visited with Nurse Susan so I went ahead and started feeding her.  But then she had to be undressed and go get weighed. She was okay with the undressing (for a change), but not so happy about me taking her bottle before she was done.  But she left us weigh her without too much fuss.  She is 6 lbs. and 4 oz.  That's almost a pound more than her lowest weight in the hospital after birth.  And she's now 19 inches long, which is 1/2 inch longer than at birth.  I could tell she was gaining weight, I just didn't know quite how much. She's out of all her premie clothes and now in newborn outfits.

After she was weighed we finished her bottle while Reagan and I talked to the doctor.  He asked if we had any questions.  I just told him that she had the hiccoughs every time she eats. And she spits up once or twice a day, mainly because she eats a lot and then hiccoughs. He said that was normal and he explained the digestion system and a bunch of other stuff that I let Reagan listen to.  He said she looked and sounded really good.  We talked about her eating - the amounts and frequencies. He said that because she was less than 6 lbs. at birth that he wanted to weigh her once a week for the next few weeks just to be sure she is growing well.  Her next real visit is in about 6 weeks.  He was really nice and we liked him.  Once she finished her bottle, she was really good and really alert the whole time we were there.  He was very gentle and good with her.  We also met another doctor in the group who was nice and helpful to us as we checked out.  I hope she doesn't have to visit there very much, but I'm happy with the group and I know she'll be well taken care of it she does have to visit.

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