Jun 14, 2008

Party at the Lake

Sara Madalin is such a social butterfly. She has been so busy today. First visiting family in Braxton. (Those pics will come later. They are on another camera card.) Then this evening, attending her first party. Wayne and Susie celebrated 30 years of marriage this week and their children hosted a party for them this evening. 

When we arrived at the party, it was time for her bottle. So of course I let Mrs. Pam, who loves to feed babies, take her and feed her. Sara Madalin was so tired I don't think she finished even half of it.

Reagan and Wayne posed for a picture for me.

Rylee was so sweet. She was such a little hostess. She kept asking people as they arrived if they wanted any tea. I snapped this picture as Bro. Clark was praying.

Mrs. Renee had to get a little sugar from Sara Madalin while Pam ate.

Skyler was a ball of energy. Notice the "Skull and Cross-bone" earrings.

Trey and Rea-Rea had on the same color shirt so I was going to take their photo together. Rylee decided she wanted to get in on the action too. So she joined Trey on Reagan's lap.

Rylee and her Mi-Mi.

A family photo by the lake. By this time, Sara Madalin was hot, tired and sleepy. She had been passed around and had been in the middle of more action that she was used to. She started fussing and was ready to get home to her Miracle Blanket and her bed. However, I did get her to pose for one more photo.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy.

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