Jun 3, 2008

Photos from May 25

Mrs. Peggy brought Reagan a CD by today.  She had taken photos for us of the first day we went to church.

This is a photo of Reagan addressing the church telling them how thankful we are for their prayers throughout the week before and the years as we waited for little Sara Madalin.

Bro. Clark had us stand down front so that those who wanted to could come down and see Sara Madalin.

Uncle Charlie came down and prayed for us before receiving line started.

Me, Sara Madalin, Shellie and Cash.

Mrs. Peggy, Sara Madalin and me.

Aunt Rae, Sara Madalin and me.

Aunt Bobbye couldn't wait to get her hands on Sara Madalin.  She's prayed for her even before we knew that adopting her was a possibility. 

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