Jun 6, 2008

Granny Martha and Primo's

Sara Madalin had quite a treat today. Granny Martha came over to sit with her while I went and ran some errands. She called me earlier this week and said that she didn't have plans today and would love to come sit with Sara Madalin if I had anything I needed to do. As it turned out, I did.  See, on Tuesday, May 20, I was out running errands - returning things, picking up things in preparation for a baby we MIGHT be getting mid-June - when Reagan called me on my cell phone, one errand into my day. He said, "Where are you?" I said, "Madison." He said, "Turn around and go home. Sayra's water broke." FOUR WEEKS EARLY!!!  Needless to say, I turned around IMMEDIATELY and went home. Within the hour we were on our way to North MS where Sara Madalin was born at 9:00 the next morning - and my errands have been put off for over two weeks. Not that I'm complaining.  I would take the birth of a child as an interruption to my plans any day. Anyway... here is Granny Martha spoiling Sara Madalin when I got home.  She said, "Well, she was sleeping.  But then she made a little noise so I picked her up."  Yeah, right.

While I was out today, Reagan called (not to tell me to turn around and go home this time :-)). He asked if his girls would like to go out to dinner. Of course we did. Sara Madalin is not the only one in this house who likes a good meal. So, I fed her right before he got home and we went to eat at one of our favorite Jackson restaurants - Primo's.  In keeping with the tradition we began as soon as she was released from the hospital, when we stopped for lunch at Applebee's and I took her picture with Daddy, I took their picture again in front of this restaurant. By the time she can eat solids, she'll have visited most every restaurant in the tri-county area.

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