Jun 20, 2008

Shower at City Drugs

Today Sara Madalin had a shower at City Drugs, where Daddy works. The ladies there have been so sweet and excited about her that they wanted to do something special to welcome her to the City Drugs family.

Daddy was excited to see us when we got there. Of course, as usual, she was asleep.

Here are the office ladies. They helped put together this shower for us.

We were lucky to have a few special guests at the shower. The first was Aunt Amy. Today is her birthday. 

Another special guest at the shower was Trey. He helped give me presents to open. He also guessed (correctly) what a few of the gifts were.

There was lots of good food and look at how cute the cake was. I was so excited that it had her special verse on it. Mrs. Becky made it and it was really good.

This was a cute touch too. A watermelon made to look like a carriage. How sweet!

One gift she received, from the office ladies who hosted the shower, was a diaper cake. Mrs. Kay made it. I had seen this and had really wanted one because they are so cute. She really did a great job. And there was so much extra stuff in there too. Bath rags, a couple outfits, some bibs, headbands, a hairbrush and comb, some disposable changing pads, a minky blanket, and I'm sure there was more that I can't remember right now. It was so cute and so sweet.

She got so many cute, sweet things. It was very thoughtful of these ladies to do this for us. 

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