Jun 24, 2008

Somebody's Spoiled

This week is VBS at our church. Sara Madalin has been staying home with her while my nephew, Elijah, and I go to VBS. I was getting ready this morning and I had Sara Madalin lying on our bed while I put my make-up on. Well, that wasn't good enough for her. I don't know if she wanted to sit up so she could see what was going on, or if she wanted to be held. But she didn't want to lie there anymore. I picked her up and propped her up in front of me. She immediately stopped whining and began to look around. She sat there like that until I finished. Then I sat her in her car seat and put her in the bathroom with me while I dried my hair. I'm afraid she's a little spoiled.

We had a shower tonight at CDS Homecare. The employees there have been so sweet. (And I've heard they are addicted to Sara Madalin's blog.) She got some really sweet things and the food was so good. One of my favorite things she got tonight was a cute little shirt that said, "Does this diaper make my butt look big?" I thought that was so funny. And to make it even funnier is the fact that I told Reagan a few days ago when I was trying to put a pair of bloomers on her, that she doesn't have much of a hiney to hold anything up. For her sake, I hope that remains the case. Here is a picture of everyone who welcomed her tonight.

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