Jun 16, 2008

Sara Madalin's Dedication

Sunday night was Sara Madalin's dedication. It was a very sweet time. We had a lot of friends and family who came to be a part of things. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of them all. Dan and Nicki and their little boy Jonah came from Vidalia, LA. They were youth pastors at our church about 10 years ago. They are so funny. Reagan was Nicki's deacon when she was a member of our church. It was really sweet of them to come. Martha and Dewayne were there. So was Aunt Jana, Mrs. Renee and Reagan's parents. Mrs. Kimble, who is Mrs. Brown's long-time friend, also came. Other friends who've prayed for us for years were also there, including Mrs. Velma and Angel. Angel and Reagan have known each other since elementary. We had a very special guest from Bethany, Peggy. She has been our adoption counselor since we began with them in 2004. It was really sweet to have her there. She shared about Bethany's mission and also educated everyone on what adoption is really about and how it works.

The evening began with Reagan welcoming everyone and telling them a little about what we were going to share and why.

After Reagan opened the testimony time, Peggy spoke about adoption, birthmothers and adoptive families.

After Peggy finished I shared our testimony regarding our journey through infertility, testing, adoption and finally bringing Sara Madalin home. After my testimony we shared a video of Sara Madalin's birth and the time we spent in the hospital before brining her home, and also pictures of her since she's been home with us.

Next we dedicated Sara Madalin to the Lord and asked that she come to know the Lord at an early age. Our church and family committed to pray for us as we strive to raise her in a Godly home.

Bro. Rodney presented Sara Madalin with a dedication certificate and a New Testament Bible.

Sara Madalin was so good during the whole service. She slept pretty much the whole time. Then she slept during the fellowship afterwards. Then she slept all the way home. Then she was MORE than ready for a bottle.

After it was all said and done, we posed for a family picture - which, of course, she slept through. But isn't she pretty when she sleeps?

The dedication was sweet and we are so thankful to everyone who came in support of us and Sara Madalin.

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