Jun 4, 2008

Thank You Aunt Regina

Sara Madalin got a new happy from David and Regina this week.  Regina sent her a gift card for Babies R Us and I went today and picked up a few things with it.  I got some more bottles and a bottle drying rack and the best thing of all - a Boppy bouncer seat. We sat her in it after her last bottle tonight for her playtime/waketime.  She loved it. She sat there and just looked around. I think that will be my new best friend.

Before her last bottle tonight she started getting fussy.  When it's time for a bottle she acts like she is starving.  I'm trying to get her on a schedule and it was still just a few more minutes before it was time for her bottle.  Reagan caught her making this face in the middle of her tantrum.  Look at those cheeks! We joked and said it looked like she was storing nuts for the winter.

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The Glenn Gang said...

A schedule is hard BUT OH SO WORTH IT!!!!