Jun 16, 2008

A Visit to Canton

Sara Madalin went in for her weekly weigh-in this morning. She is now 7 lbs. 12 oz. That means that she has gained 12 oz. a week for the last two weeks. I also had them measure her length and she's 20.75 inches. Since birth she has grown 2 1/4 inch. The nurse said that she thinks next week will be our last time to have to come in for a weekly weigh-in. I think she's right.

After her visit to the doctor's office we drove up to Canton (the movie capital of Mississippi, for those who don't know) to see the ladies there. I worked in Canton for their tourism office during their Christmas season. At Christmas they have the town decorated with lights all around the square. They also have horse and buggy rides around the square, a carousel, and animated museum tours. It's a very festive place to be during Christmas. While working there I met some really sweet ladies. They weren't all there today, but Sara Madalin did get to meet a few of the ladies. Mrs. Elaine, who is a transplant to Canton, and Mrs. Bertha, who has lived in Canton her whole life. Everyone in Canton knows Mrs. Bertha. They are really sweet ladies. We also got to see Mrs. Ragell and Mrs. Joanne, who work next door in the office of Canton Visitors and Tourism. And, of course, Aunt Jana was there too.

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