Jun 10, 2008

A Visit to Irby

Today we went out and ran a few errands. On our way home we stopped by Irby where I worked for about 8 years before teaching at Hinds. There aren't too many people left there that I know. Marinella is still there. She is "the voice" of Irby. I don't know how long she's been the switchboard operator, but she's been there for quite a number of years. 

Anyway, we saw Marinella and Jim Beall, one of my former bosses.  Then Lisa came over from Irby Construction. She and I worked together for a number of years. They were all excited to see her and they said she was so pretty.

Yesterday I took her for her weekly weigh in. They want her to weigh once a week until she's 8 lbs. Last Monday when she was weighed she was 6 lbs. 4 oz. Yesterday she weighed 7 lbs. Needless to say, she's gaining weight fine. The nurse said that she wouldn't be surprised if she's already 8 lbs. when we go in next week. I guess we'll see.

For those who read about Sara Madalin and are in our area, she is being dedicated this Sunday night at Harmony. We are going to share a little testimony time and then have a dedication service. It's not that she's any more special than any other child, but we certainly want to give God all the credit and testify of what He's done in our lives as we've waited for her. We would love to have as many friends and family there as can come to support her. 

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