Jun 12, 2008

When Sara Smiles

There really hasn't been much to tell the past few days. Sara Madalin and I have been hanging out at home. Our day is pretty much a a cycle of eating, talking, and sleeping. But I'm getting lots of sugar and even a smile or two every now and then. 

Here are a few photos from today. Our day starts with her 7:00 bottle, then a little play time, then a nap. I took a photo of her during her nap on our bed. And no, she doesn't always sleep in her bed. I just let her take a nap or two on our bed during the day. So, I took a photo of her during her nap. Notice how she's lying so peacefully on her incline mattress, which helps keep her in a certain position while she sleeps.

Now notice how I found her once she woke up ready for her next bottle. She had scooted all the way off her mattress onto our bed. The photo is a little blurry because she was moving her legs and arms to let me know she was ready to get up and eat - NOW!

This afternoon she ate almost 4 oz. in her mid-afternoon bottle. She is definitely not having problems with eating. Which is good. I hope she's a chubby little baby. So, after her bottle, I put her in her bouncy seat to nap. About an hour into her nap she woke up. She didn't fuss. She just looked around. Then she started grinning at me. But I think she's already got things figured out. Every time I would hold my camera up and focus to take a picture, she'd stop grinning or put her hand in front of her face.  I think I caught a couple good photos. When she grins like this it just melts mine and Reagan's hearts.

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