Jul 3, 2008

Blog Changes and Sara Madalin's Sling

You may have noticed I've made a few small changes to Sara Madalin's blog. I've just  now had an opportunity to play around with it and add some links and a REAL site counter. The first time I tried SiteMeter when I started her blog, I couldn't quite figure it out. I'm still not sure I know how it works. I had a little help from a friend on it and now at least it's counting her hits, which is basically all I wanted anyway. I added music yesterday and took it off because my sister said she was having problems with it.

Those of you who follow her everyday, please be patient with me as I figure out what I'm doing. 

Now on to today's post.

We spent the day shopping. I needed to run to Target and Wal-Mart to return a few things and pick up a few others. I never knew how much work it would involve getting a 6 week old out to go shopping. At least she didn't spit up this morning. I dressed her in a cute little patriotic tank top. It says, "All American Princess." And a pair of blue denim bloomers that are STILL too big for her hiney. I was going to put a white headband on her, but I didn't see the point, knowing that she would be in her sling most of the day anyway. Which brings me to today's pics...

I did the best I could taking pictures of her in her sling. She LOVES this. If I haven't gotten my money's worth out of any other purchase, I know I have gotten it from this thing. (Well, this and the Miracle Blanket.) The first picture is of me wearing her while in the sling.  The second is of her lying on the front car seat in it while I strapped her into it.

The first time I wore it we were at home. I was putting my make-up on and she wanted to be held. I put her in that and let her rest in my lap. She was asleep in minutes. Then, I was cleaning house one day and put her in it while I vacuumed. She slept the entire time. Now I use it when I got to the grocery store or do any long-term shopping. At first it was awkward. Now I don't even notice it. Other than the fact that I'm carrying the equivalent of a 10 lb. bag around my shoulders. She never fusses in it. 

These are the pics of her the first time I put her in it a few weeks ago.

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