Jul 14, 2008


A few weeks ago we got Sara Madalin a Bumbo. I think they are the neatest thing and I have been dying for her to be big enough to sit in it. She has been holding her head up for a good amount of time when I put her on her belly, so I thought she might like to try and sit. I put her in it for a couple minutes today in her bedroom. She likes being where she can see everything. She is getting more restless every time I put her in her pack & play because she can't see when she's in it. Anyway, she sat in it for a while today. Then when Reagan got home tonight I told him about it and he wanted to see her in it. So we sat it on the coffee table and put her in it. She loved it. She likes for us to talk to her too. So she sat there and looked at us while we talked. I think/hope she's going to be a very social little girl. She looks like such a big girl sitting up in her little chair.

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