Jul 5, 2008

Canton Balloon Glow

We went to the Balloon Glow in Canton tonight. Jana was working on one of the crews. She got to help lay out the balloon as it was filled with helium. It was so hot out there. But once the balloons were up, it was so pretty. Sara Madalin was so good. She was hot, but she never fussed and complained. Several people around us commented on how good she was being. When Jana came over to see us, we took a picture of her and Sara Madalin. I think their pic is so cute. It's as if Sara Madalin is thinking, "Hey, I know you."

We had to leave before the actual "glow" part started. It was getting late and Sara Madalin needed a bath for church tomorrow. But we did see all the balloons blown up (or whatever it's called) and it was so pretty.

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Jana said...

I love that picture of Sara Madalin and me!! I want a copy of it! I am so glad you brought her out there!
Give her a kiss for me!