Jul 30, 2008

Checking 'Scripts

Sara Madalin had a busy day today. First she we went with me to my dentist appointment. She was a little clingy. I think it was because of her shots yesterday or maybe because it was a new place. Or it could possibly be that she just spoiled rotten. Either way, she was a little whiny. So, Mrs. Debbie said it was ok if I held her while she cleaned my teeth. It was so cute. She laid on her tummy on top of me the whole time. She would look around a bit. Then look at Mrs. Debbie. She would lay down her head for a minute. Then look around some more. But no, I didn't take any pictures. The thought never even crossed my mind. I've got to get better with that kind of stuff.

After we left the dentist's office, we went to Babies R Us. I had to get a new carrier. The one we have only fits across one shoulder and she is getting so heavy that when I wear it I have a terrible backache afterwards. She loves to be carried and it's so convenient to have her in one when I'm shopping or walking. So we got one that's a little different. When we use it I'll be sure and post pictures.

Then we surprised Reagan by showing up at the store. He wasn't expecting us. She was asleep when we first got there. So he picked her and took her around to show her off in all the offices. Everyone commented on how big she is getting. Reagan and I also stopped off at "Our Daily Bread" and ordered a couple sandwiches for lunch. I went back to his office while our lunch was being prepared. He and Sara Madalin checked prescriptions.

When our lunch was ready we sat in his office to eat. I put Sara Madalin in her carrier while we ate. I'll give you one guess what she did while we ate. The picture below might give you a hint. Although, without the sound effects that go with the look on her face, it might be a little difficult to guess.

Once she finished her business, she just looked at me as if to say, "Ok, you can change me now." Which is exactly what I did. Lunch can wait. Sara Madalin can't.

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