Jul 23, 2008

Helping Mommy With Dinner

After her bottle tonight Sara Madalin had a little time before she had to go to bed. So I put her in the bouncer and sat her on the table to watch me cook in the kitchen. She loved being up high where she could see everything. And she's not been in that area of the house much so she had a lot to look around and see. I was in the kitchen and could see her. Every once and a while I'd look over and she'd be grinning. Who knows what she was thinking? But she was happy and that's all that matters.

This next picture isn't all that great because I took it from farther away. But she was grinning and I was trying to catch her doing that.

It was finally time for her to go to bed. So I walked over and started talking to her. She gave me the biggest, cutest smile.  Maybe she was smiling because she's heard about my cooking. ;-)

I am so glad she's such a happy baby. That's what I prayed for - a fat, happy, healthy baby. So far, that's what she's turned out to be.

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James Larry Mitchell said...

Reagan Baby!
You wound up with two cute babies after all!