Jul 2, 2008

A Lesson from Sara Madalin

I taught Mommy and Daddy a very valuable lesson this past Sunday.

We left for Sunday School a little early because Mommy started teaching her class again. She's not taught it since I was born. So, she needed to get there a little early and get organized. Because we left early, I didn't get a bottle before we left the house. That was ok by me. I really wasn't hungry yet. 

We were also celebrating God and Country Day at our church with a Patriotic service. Mommy thought it would be cute to dress me in Red, White & Blue. She also dressed in Red, White & Blue so we could take pictures together.

When we got to church, Daddy sat in Mommy's classroom to feed me while she got her lesson together. I wasn't really hungry, but I thought, "What could it hurt?" I'm not going to refuse a bottle, as you can tell by the fullness of my cheeks. So I polished off 4 oz.

Daddy and I left for Sunday School right at 9:00. About 5 minutes later we were back in Mommy's room. He had left my car seat in there and he told Mommy he needed it. She asked what for. Then she looked at him. I had spit up all over my pretty dress and the front of Daddy's shirt. No need to worry though, Mommy had packed an extra outfit in case this happened. (Too bad Daddy didn't think ahead in regards to his clothing.) Mommy told him to change me into the other dress and all would be fine.

So he did just that. He changed me into yet another Patriotic outfit and sat me down in my car seat while he rinsed out his shirt. About the time he was done with that, I spit up again. All over my SECOND outfit. 

And his pants. 

And my car seat. 

He changed me again. This time into a pink and white polka dot onesie.

I certainly hope they've learned their lesson. Don't feed me when I'm not hungry and ALWAYS pack extra clothes - for me and for them.

Since Mommy and I were hanging out at the house today with not a whole lot to do, she decided she'd dress me and take pics of me in those outfits from Sunday. 

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