Jul 12, 2008

Let Me Tell You About My Day

Guess who came to see me Friday... my cousin Elijah. He stayed with Aunt Julie this week and my Mommy picked him up from her on Friday so we could take him to meet his family Friday night. He helped Mommy feed me before we left.

Once Daddy got home we all loaded up and headed North. I decided I would take a nap on the way. Elijah must have had the same idea because he was out five minutes after we left our house.

Once we met Aunt Brandi and Uncle Jeff, I also got to meet someone new. I met Elijah's younger brother, Jeremiah. He's my cousin too. He is REALLY active. He gave me lots of sugar though. And he can even say my name.

Well, after we left them (at 9:00 p.m. with 2 hours to drive home), that's when the fun really began. We were about an hour from our house when Mommy, who was sitting in the back seat with me, heard a really weird noise. She told Daddy and asked him to pull over. He did and when he got out and looked around he discovered that we had a flat. 

It was the first time Daddy had to change a flat in this car. But it didn't take him long to figure things out. He was done in no time. My Daddy is the best.

I would have offered to help, but he seemed to have things under control. That, and I'm only 7 1/2 weeks old and wouldn't be any help anyway. So, I just took another nap while he finished things up and got us back on the road again.

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Carpenter Family said...

Reagan and Melinda, I love your blog. I check it several times a week and have told everyone about it. Kelly and I are so happy for you. We have thanked God for your little Sara Madalin.

We also have a blog. It is www.mscarpenters.blogspot.com.