Jul 17, 2008

No Pictures Please

Sara Madalin is such a celebrity that she already has to fight off the paparazzi when we go out to eat dinner. Move over Lindsey and Britney. There's a new kid in town.

These were actually pictures that we took tonight while we were out eating dinner. She does this cute little stretch thing when she sleeps in her car seat. It looks like she's telling us to just leave her alone. We snapped a couple pictures to remember this when she's older. It is so true what everyone says, she has grown so fast already. She's already got a little personality. She has definitely found her voice and is learning to use it to communicate when she's wet, hungry, sleepy or wants to be held in a different position. 

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1 comment:

Jana said...

This is too funny! Whenever I need a smile or laugh I know I can come here and get it!
Love you!