Jul 8, 2008

On This Episode of "Cribs"

We visit Sara Madalin in her home and she gives us a tour of her "crib." 

First, Sara Madalin takes us to her nursery where she points out the sign on the door with her name on it.

Next, she shows us her wall of scripture. She has displayed the verse that was used to encourage Mommy and Daddy as they waited for her to be born... Jeremiah 29:11.  She also has other meaningful scripture and sayings that are important to her and her parents.

As you enter the room, on your right is her changing table/dresser combo. A lot of dirty business has been taken care of here.

Continuing on to the left of the dresser is her crib. It's a big bed for such a little girl.

Then, we come to her glider. Mommy holds her there sometimes. But Sara Madalin also likes to chill there alone with her Prayer Bear and reflect on her day.

After her bottle in the morning, Mommy often takes Sara Madalin into her room to "play." She may lie on her floor gym and look at the animals. Or she might listen to music from her flower toy. As she gets older, she might even read a book or two here.

Sara Madalin also has a very special chair in her play/reading area. It is a rocking chair that her great-grandfather bought for her Mommy when Mommy was about a year old. Right now, since Sara Madalin can't sit up on her own, she lets Fee-Fee the Frog sit there.

No princess would be anything without a closet full or clothes and accessories. Sara Madalin is no exception. On each side of her closet, she has more scripture paintings. Again, Jeremiah 29:11 and the other verse that makes Mommy and Daddy think of her, James 1:17.

Inside her closet are her clothes, shoes, hairbows and LOTS and LOTS of diapers. The first time Aunt Amy saw all the pretty dresses in her closet she said, "Girl, you're going to have to go to church a lot."  She only keeps the clothes hanging that fit her now. The clothes that she still has to grow into are in boxes in the top of her closet.

If Sara Madalin isn't spending time in her room, she is usually in the den. During her time there, she often swings or naps or sometimes, she watches a little TV. Here she is watching a Baby Einstein DVD.

If the weather permits (i.e., not too sunny or too hot), Sara Madalin enjoys chilling out in her pool. It's just another way for a 7 week old Princess to relax.

Sara Madalin's drink of choice is about 5 oz. of water mixed with 2 1/2 scoops of Enfamil powder. She also likes to add a shot of Gas-x to the mix, but who doesn't at her age? A big "shout out" to Daddy for hooking her up with the drops.

Sara Madalin is a girl on the move. She doesn't spend all her time at home. So, when she rolls with Mommy she does it in style in her car seat with custom Princess cover. It has a rhinestone tiara atop the visor.

Now, some may call her spoiled, but don't be a hater. Just because she's a Princess doesn't mean she doesn't keep it real. She smiles. She cries. She spits up. She coos. And at the end of the day, she is just another little girl who is VERY loved by her Mommy and Daddy and everyone else who knows her. 

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The Glenn Gang said...

LOVE the room. It is so perfect for a little girl. I especially love the white furniture. If I had a girl, I was looking at exactly what you picked out.

Bren said...

Very pretty room! I just love the sign on her door. Did you make it?