Jul 1, 2008

Playing in My Room

I had fun today. Mommy and I went to the grocery store. She put me in my sling to carry me while she shops. I really like that. Sometimes she wears it while she vacuums. It's warm and cozy in there. I usually sleep the whole time. Today she wore it while she bought groceries. A few people wanted to take me home with them, but Mommy said no. I think she likes me.

When we got home, she did a little cleaning in my room. While she cleaned I played on the floor. I like the surfboard mat that Mrs. Nicki and Bro. Dan gave me. Sometimes I lie on it on my tummy. I didn't want to do that today. I wanted to look around. 

After a while, Mommy put my flowers beside me that Mrs. Shannon gave me. They light up and play music. I like to sit and listen to them. When the music stops, I make sure Mommy knows so that she can push the button again to make the music play.

After I played for a while, I took a really long nap. I woke up a little before Daddy got home and had a bottle. After I sat with Daddy for a little while, Mommy gave me my bath and got me ready for bed. Whew, it's a lot of work being 6 weeks old.

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