Jul 20, 2008

Sunday Again

Last week I realized that I don't take pictures of Sara Madalin dressed up in all her pretty clothes on Sunday. So, I decided I would start doing that. I don't know how much you can tell about this dress. It's a pink, white and yellow dress that I put on her this morning. She didn't wear it long.

We put her in her car seat and started loading the car. Reagan put her car seat in the base and walked over to his truck to get something before we left. Almost as soon as he closed her door to walk over to the truck, she started spitting up. 

This is her second outfit. It's a little yellow smocked bubble. I've had it for over two years. I was excited that she got to wear it. And that she didn't spit up on it.

This afternoon she was very alert and wanted to look around and tried to coo and talk to us. We sat her on the bed in her Bumbo while we worked on something on the computer. She had the best time. She laughed and grinned. It wore her out. She laid between us and took a nap before getting ready for tonight's church service.

While I was changing her diaper and clothes for church tonight Reagan was sitting on the bed talking to her. She kept trying to move closer to him. She was laughing and cooing. It was so sweet.

Tori sat with us during church tonight. I put Sara Madalin down on a pallet. Tori first sat down on the floor next to her. Sara Madalin wouldn't take her eyes off Tori. After a while Tori laid down with her and talked to her. Sara Madalin LOVED it. You can see her hand is blurry. It's because she couldn't be still.  She was so excited for Tori to be there next to her talking to her. 

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