Jul 25, 2008

You're Happy... if I'm Happy

Sara Madalin made it through the night fine in her big bed. She woke up around 4:30. I changed her and she had a small bottle and went back to sleep WHILE she was eating and slept until 8:30. Reagan was sad that they didn't get their early morning time together this morning. But, the point is, she's out of the cradle and into her crib. We're sad. But she was happy. Before we know it, she's going to be asking to sleep over at someone else's house, and then for car keys, and then who knows what. I have a feeling she's going to be pretty inquisitive and independent, no matter how much Mommy and Daddy cry.

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The Glenn Gang said...

Next thing you know, she will be TWO! Sniff, sniff! Tomorrow is the big party day for our little boy.