Aug 24, 2008

About the Weekend

Friday afternoon Reagan got off work a little early. We loaded up everything, went and picked up Sara Madalin from the sitter's and drove to north MS to spend the night with my sister and her family. My nephew, Elijah, had a birthday party Saturday. It was Sara Madalin's first birthday party.

We got to their house around 9:30. The boys slept on the couch. Brandi and Jeff slept in their guest room. We slept in their room and Sara Madalin slept on a little chair/mat next to us in their room. It has been a long time (it seems) since she slept in the same room with us. We spent quite a bit of time lying there watching her. She moves quite a bit while she's trying to get to sleep. Then she's really still.

We got up and got ready Saturday morning because we wanted to take the boys and Sara Madalin to take pictures. We wanted to take pictures at the park, but it was raining. So, we took them to Wal-Mart and got some really cute photos. I can't wait for them to come in.

After pictures, we all met Jeff at Bill's Hamburgers for lunch. We usually eat here for lunch when we come to spend the night with them. I'm surprised the place hasn't been shut down by the health department. They don't serve us on plates. There's only one thing you can order really. A hamburger - either "with" or "without." "With" is with mustard and onion. "Without" is plain. There is mayo and ketchup on the table. Anyway, they place a sheet of wax paper in front of you on the table. Then they bring you fries out in wax paper. And as for your hamburger, our waitress just stacked all our burgers up in her (bare) hands and brought them out to our table. We took them from her one at a time. Truly and experience only found there. We go for the atmosphere. Here's a picture of us in front of the restaurant.

After lunch, Reagan and I did a little shopping downtown. Then we met everyone at the skating rink for Elijah's party. Uncle Terry and aunt Julie were there. He hadn't seen Sara Madalin yet. After I put her party dress on her, I took her over to meet him. They became fast friends.

Elijah played a little pool with his friends while everyone got ready to skate.

Aunt Julie and Welton had fun watching everyone skate.

Jacob, Ted's son, is a really good skater. He was faster then most everyone else out there.

Kaylynn had never really skated before. So for about the first hour she spent a lot of time on the floor. But I have to hand it to her, she didn't give up. And she a great attitude. Erica helped her some. I think by the end of the day, she was getting pretty good.

Erica and Jacob are both really good at skating.

Marcus and Ted, not so much. These are my cousins. They grew up down the road from me and Brandi, my sister. Ted is two years older than me and Marcus is a few months older than Brandi. They were more than our cousins, they were our brothers. They protected us, and aggravated us.

Jeremiah skated with Uncle Reagan a little.He was so cute with his short legs and tiny skates.

All the boys (men) were standing on the other side of the wall from me talking and I decided to take a picture. From left to right is Jeff (Brandi's husband and Elijah and Jeremiah's daddy), Reagan, Ted ( Filisha's husband and Jacob's daddy) and Marcus (Erica's husband and Welton's daddy).

After I took the picture of the 4 boys, then I had to take a picture of all the boys (except Welton, who was somewhere with Mamaw). Somehow, Sara Madalin ended up in the picture too.

Here are Marcus and Ted's wives, Erica (right) and Filisha (left).

Sara Madalin decided to take a quick nap while everyone skated. I don't think Uncle Terry minded.

I don't really think Elijah skated at all. Every time I saw him he was playing games.

Finally we got to the cake.

The Birthday Boy!

Jeremiah even stopped long enough to eat some cake and ice cream.

After cake, it was time for limbo. This isn't exactly how I remember playing, but it worked for them.

At last, it was time for Elijah to open presents. Uncle Terry held Sara Madalin up so she could watch. She was very attentive. I guess she was taking notes for her next party.

I think he had a good day and a good party. We had fun with our family and I am excited to see Sara Madalin grow and know them and love them all as much as I know they will love her.

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