Aug 14, 2008

Catching Up

I have been pretty busy this week with preparations for my classes that start back next week. I've not posted much at all. So, I am taking this opportunity to catch up just a little on what Sara Madalin has been up to this week.

Monday she was at home with me. As I said, I have been preparing my class plans. She is a very curious little girl. She wanted to be right beside me the whole day as I was reading and getting things organized. I tried to get her to sit in her bouncer. She would for a few minutes, then she'd whine. Once I'd pick her up, she'd grin and be fine. Most of the day she slept on the bed right next to where I was working. Late in that afternoon, she decided she didn't want to lie there anymore. She wanted to sit up. So I propped her up next to me. After she'd been there maybe 3 minutes, she started drifting off to sleep. So, I tried to lay her down again. She woke and let me know she didn't want to lay like that. I propped her up again. And this is how she slept for about 30 minutes. I guess she thought if she was laying down she might miss something.

Last night (Wednesday) we stayed home from church I've still not gone back on Wednesday nights because our services start at 7:00. That's about the time she's eating her last bottle and getting ready for bed. I have started working to try and get her to stay up until at least 8:30. Maybe once she is to that point, we can go on Wednesday nights. I'll just take her PJs and change her before we head home.

Anyway, last night we were at home. Reagan went to church. He wanted me to try and get her to at least stay awake until he got home. So, I gave her a bath and put her in her PJs. She had a bottle and then I tried to get her to say awake. Holding her wasn't going to work, because she wants to sleep every time I hold her after a bottle. So, I thought maybe letting her swing and look at her mobile would work. I was wrong. She was asleep when he got home. But she did wake up for a few minutes.

We always put her to bed LONG before we go to bed. I go in to check on her before I go to bed, just to be sure she's still asleep and to make sure she hasn't scooted all the way down to the end of the bed. She does that. We can't quite figure out how she does it. We put her at the top of her bed and when we come in to get her up in the morning she is all the way at the foot of the bed. Well, last night when I went in to check on her, she was like this.

She had one leg almost completely outside of the bed, with the other crossed over her bottom leg. And she was sound asleep. After we took the picture I moved her back in to the center of the bed. But when I went in to change and feed her at 5:30 this morning, she was like the picture above again. She is such a wiggle worm.

I love this little outfit. She has it on today. I bought it a few years ago and I couldn't wait until she was big enough to wear it. It may still be a little too big, but she still looks cute in it.

She has her mouth open in the first picture because she has started talking to us - especially in the mornings. Reagan is a morning person. I'm NOT. I usually get up to feed her if she wakes up before 6:00, and then I put her back down to sleep a little longer. He feeds her if she gets up at 6:00 or later. No matter what time she eats, she usually gets up for the day when he does. She sits in her bouncer in our bathroom while he showers and shaves and gets ready. Then she moves to the living room with him while he does his Bible study. Finally, he gets her dressed, they come in to pray with me and then he takes her to Mrs. Gale's. All that to say, she gets up with him early in the morning and they talk. He has gotten her to the point where she squeals and coos non-stop in the morning. When he's praying, she's praying too. At least she thinks she's doing the same thing Daddy is. It makes me smile (even though I'm still half asleep) to hear her. This morning she was especially vocal.

In the picture below she looks like she's thinking, "Enough with the pictures, already." Bless her heart.

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