Aug 29, 2008

First Ear Infection

A few days ago I said that if Sara Madalin got sick I would know because she eats well, sleeps well and is content and happy for the most part. She's still doing those things and being those things, but turns out she's got an ear infection. I had no idea. 

I called her doctor yesterday for an appointment for him to look at something else I was concerned over (which turned out to be nothing). And while we were there to have him look at that, he also looked at her ears. He said she has a beginning infection in her left ear. I told him she hadn't fussed or pulled at her ear and she was eating and sleeping as usual. He said sometimes with one ear being infected they don't fuss so much. If it had been both, she would have let me know. So, he gave her an antibiotic and told me to call or come back if I had any other concerns.

After we left her doctor's office, we went to Granny Martha's and picked up her and Andrew to go to lunch. After we ate lunch, Sara Madalin was ready for a bottle. Andrew helped Granny feed her.

After he fed her for a minute, he decided he wanted to play. He is 3-years-old and full of energy.

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