Aug 4, 2008

Going to Mamaw and Pawpaw's

After Sunday School at our church yesterday, we drove south to Lincoln county to go to church with Reagan's parents. There are many people there who have known Reagan's parents since they dated in high school. So they knew Reagan since he was a baby and wanted to meet his new little girl. We also saw several people that he went to high school and college with.

Sara Madalin was still worn out from her day of shopping Saturday. She slept during Sunday school at our church, all the way to their church and completely through the sermon. She had been almost 5 hours since a bottle at the end of service so I told Reagan to hand her to me because she really needed to eat. She ate about 4 ounces and just couldn't stay awake for any more.

Papaw really enjoyed holding her during church service.

After church we went to eat lunch at Porches. I LOVE eating there. It's home cooked food and it's one of those places that is unlike anywhere else. It's an old antebellum house that has been made into a restaurant. It has old hard wood floors and a big porch in the center of the house with a little garden. It was a little hot to eat out there yesterday. We saw several people from our church there.

After lunch we went to Mamaw and Papaw's. Sara Madalin and I continued her nap for another hour or so while everyone else sat in the living room and talked. When she woke up she was well rested and happy. She sat in Papaw's lap for a little while and talked to him. But she got restless once again and wanted to nap on my lap for a few more minutes.

After she had rested for another quick nap, she decided she'd sit with Mamaw for a few minutes before we left. She just sat and looked at her. Seriously girl, you've got a lot of shopping in your future. If it wears her out this much to shop for a few hours on Saturday, what am I going to do with her?

After we left Mamaw and Papaw we gave our friends Jimmy and Renee a call. We went by their house and they grilled hamburgers. We got to see their sons and daughters-in-law (who are both expecting). But by 8:00 all Sara Madalin wanted was to be in her bed. We got her home around 9:00 and put her to bed. She was out in no time. 

Tomorrow she starts at her sitter's. Even though my classes don't start again for another two weeks, we are going to take her and try to get her in a routine of going. Also, this way, I can leave her a little longer each day and ease into full days.

My sister Brandi called this morning to ask if I was already crying. Reagan and I both plan to take her and drop her off. I'll have pics to post as soon as I get home. 

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