Aug 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mommy

Today was my Mommy's birthday. I was so excited that I woke up at 5:30 this morning to give her my present. Well, actually, I woke up because I was wet and hungry, but we don't have to tell her that. As you can see by the photo, my Mommy's not really a morning person. I'm trying to help her work on that.

After I drank my bottle, Daddy gave Mommy her present from me. She read the card first. I was excited when she started reading.
I also wrote her a special note and put it inside the card. Would you like to know what I said? Ok, here it is:

Dear Mommy, 
I know Daddy has already gotten you something for your birthday, but since this is your first birthday with me around, I wanted to get you something as well. I decided on something that you and I (eventually) will like. Daddy doesn't have very good style (as you know) so I had to ask for a little help in picking it out, and I think I got the job done. It's something that us girls really love. Daddy did have to help me get it ordered because I haven't mastered the computer and ordering online... yet. Hope you like it.
Sara Madalin

I know, that's a pretty impressive note for a 3-month-old. I've been working on my vocabulary. Don't tell Mommy, but Daddy did help me a little with the wording... and the typing... Oh, well, I might as well admit it, Daddy wrote the whole thing. But Mommy loved it anyway.

And then she opened the box... and a really bright light shone in the room... and I think I heard angels sing... and I heard my Mommy gasp and say, "Pretty Shoes!"

Now, I have to explain something to you. When my Mommy says, "Pretty Shoes," she doesn't just mean, "Oh those shoes are pretty." No, "Pretty Shoes" is a term reserved for a certain kind of shoe. She has black shoes that are pretty. She has red shoes that are pretty. But "Pretty Shoes" are in a category all their own. There are only three or four boxes in my Mommy's closet that contain "Pretty Shoes." A little over a year ago, my Mommy fell in love with her first pair of "Pretty Shoes." She and Aunt Jana were shopping in a shoe store (big surprise, I know) and she said she was walking down the aisle and a pair of shoes spoke to her. She turned and picked them up, and petted them and said, "Pretty Shoes." For some of you, my Mommy saying that shoes spoke to her may make her seem a little crazy. But if you know my Mommy, it all makes perfect sense. Anyway, she saw the "Pretty Shoes" and they were a little more than she would have paid for a pair of shoes she could wear with limited outfits, because "Pretty Shoes" are very unique. You don't buy the "Pretty Shoes" to go with an outfit, you buy outfits to go with the "Pretty Shoes." That day, she put them down and walked away. But she kept thinking about them, and talking about them. She saved up a little money and she came back a few weeks later hoping to find them and purchase them. But alas, they were no longer there. But where they used to be... you guessed it... more "Pretty Shoes." Only a different style. She immediately found them in her size and purchased them. Now, on special occasions, like her birthday and Christmas, that's what she asks Daddy for, more "Pretty Shoes." You have to admit, they suit my Mommy and her personality to a tee.

Well, after we gave Mommy her present, we slept for a little longer. Then we went to the kitchen and everyone who eats solid food had breakfast. I just sat in my Bumbo watching them and talking and being my cute little self.

Then, after breakfast, my cousins, Elijah and Jeremiah, had a surprise for my Mommy. They had her a birthday cake. It's the funniest thing, my Mommy and my cousin, Elijah, they have the same birthdate. I don't know how that happened. Anyway, they gave Mommy a cake. Isn't it pretty?

All in all, I think my Mommy had a very good birthday. She has me, my sweet Daddy, "Pretty Shoes," and we got to spend time with our family. Which, by the way, Mommy has lots of photos of. I think she's going to have to post those and tell you about them tomorrow. So for now, Happy Birthday to my Mommy and her "Pretty Shoes."

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The Glenn Gang said...

Oooh....I love the pretty shoes!

Happy Birthday! :-)

Jami Ainsworth said...

Okay, a comment from a lurker...I had to comment on this. It is too funny. My 15 yr. old daughter must be related to you. She has this same thing going on...she buys the "pretty shoes" and HOPES she has something in her closet to match...and she probably does. I am going to show her these. She'll love them too.

I found your blog from Nicki's. I liked the title and I had to take a peak and then I notied the designer who is giving mine a lift too.

Since this is my first comment, let me also congratulate you on your Little Miracle: Sara Madalin

No matter how are Miracles of Life come to us...they are such special gifts from God.