Aug 6, 2008

Happy Girl

Sara Madalin and I went for our walk this evening without Daddy. He had to work a little later. We walked earlier since it was just going to be us. Usually, Reagan and I walk around 7:00. Tonight Sara Madalin and I went out at 6:00. What a difference an hour makes. It was so hot. I was wet with sweat.

When we got home, she had her bath. She LOVES it. She loves to have her diaper changed too for some reason. Every time I take the diaper off she starts laughing. Not just smiling. Kicking and laughing. It's so funny. I love to change her just to see how she acts. Anyway, she had her bath and smiled the whole time. If I hadn't been alone, I would have taken a few pics. But it's kind of hard to hold a squirming, wet child AND take a picture at the same time.

After her bath she had her bottle. Then she wanted to play. She just was not ready to go to bed. So I sat her up on the couch and tried to get her to give me some sweet smiles. Of course, when I want her to, she's not going to do it. I did get close though.

She also likes the monkey in her pack & play. I wish I could remember who gave it to her so I could tell them how happy it makes her. She tries to talk to him when I put her in there. He also plays music when I press his belly. When the music stops, she starts kicking and moving her arms to let me know I need to start it again. I could just eat her whole when she looks like this.

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