Aug 6, 2008

No pictures, just some thoughts

Last night we went walking around our neighborhood. We had Sara Madalin in her stroller as we were walking. At one of the houses down the street from us, there was an older couple and lady sitting out on the front porch. As we approached, they came out to the street and stopped us. They said they wanted to see our baby. The couple said they had noticed our sign and balloons when we brought her home. The lady that lives in the house said, "She looks just like her daddy." I smiled and said, "We have had so many people tell us that. She's adopted." She thought we were offended by her comment. We explained that we weren't. We shared with them that we had prayed for her for 10 years and that she was such a blessing to us. We talked for a few more minutes. Someone said something funny and we laughed. Sara Madalin opened her mouth and smiled and looked like she was trying to laugh along with everyone else. Well, of course they just loved that. They thought she was so cute. 

As we walked away, Reagan and I looked at her and began to talk about what a sweet, happy, content baby she is. She does cry. She isn't perfect. We don't expect her to be. But she has been such a blessing. Not just to us. Almost every day I have someone new who emails to tell me that they are blessed by reading about her on her blog. There are even people I don't know who read about her. Last week, someone came into the store and told Reagan that her sister and sister's husband who live in AL read her blog and that she has blessed their lives. Hearing that is an answer our prayers. As we waited for children, not only did we pray that God would bring children to us, but that God would use them and us, for His glory. We are so thankful that He is daily answering those prayers.

Thank you all for reading about Sara Madalin and for caring about her. Please, as you read about her, pray that she continues to bless those she comes in contact with. Pray that she comes to know the Lord as her saviour at an early age. Pray that she remains pure until God calls her to marriage. Pray that God will grow her and use her into a Godly woman.

If Sara Madalin has been a blessing to you, please let us know.  Just post a comment at the bottom of this post. You can even post anonymously. Or send us an email to We'd love to have comments or emails to share with her as she grows older.

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