Aug 9, 2008

Mississippi Braves

Sara Madalin attended her first professional baseball game tonight. She might have liked it had it not been for the speaker that sounded like it was located right above our box. The sound was so loud it scared her. She and I spent most of our time at the game inside the lounge area of our box. Oh yeah, we had box seat tickets.

When we arrived, Susan, David and Mitch were already there.

Mitch had an opportunity to hold Sara Madalin before she and I went inside. Don't they look so cute together?

Here we are right before we went inside. She just was not happy with the music and loud speakers. She is usually all smiles, as I've shown in her past posts. But tonight all anyone had to do was talk to her and she started crying.

We didn't plan this, but we had tickets for what turned out to be a good night. The pitcher, Glavine, for the Braves tonight is actually THE pitcher for the Atlanta Braves. He was recently injured and has been in rehab. He's playing with the MS Braves before going back to Atlanta. (I hope I got all that right. Uncle Charlie was sitting next to me and he told me that.)

Here are Katelyn, Foster, Mr. Johnny and Uncle Charlie.

Foster wore his Braves t-shirt and hat. He was so cute. He plays t-ball. He was actually more into the entertainment going on between innings.

Katelyn loved watching the mascots. Once, when the mascots took a break or she couldn't find them, she asked her mom where they were. Her mom said she didn't know. Katelyn looked at Donna and said, "He went to get some milk." 

So there's a story behind this next picture. I was inside, so I didn't see it. But everyone came in talking about it. A ball was hit toward our box. No one really saw it coming until it was too late, it happened so fast. It hit Uncle Charlie in the shoulder. He was in the second row. It bounced down to our first row and David caught it. He turned around and handed it to Foster. You know, he thought the little boy decked in Braves' gear would want a souvenir ball. Foster took it, looked at it, and then threw it back down to the Braves' dugout. Donna told him, "Foster, we don't throw the balls back." Our hostess went and found some ice for Uncle Charlie's shoulder. I told him that Aunt Bobbye is not going to let him go anywhere with Johnny ever again.

We have to give credit where credit is due. Aunt Susan and Sara Madalin posed in front of the big Coca-Cola sign inside the lounge right before we left to go home. Sara Madalin was ready for her bed and as we all know, we're happy if Sara Madalin is happy. And at 8:30 at night all that was going to make her happy was to go home and go to bed.

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