Aug 5, 2008

My Friend Ansley

I had a good day today. I went to see Mrs. Gale. I also met a girl who is 3 weeks older than me. Her name is Ansley. We sat and talked for a while. I think she's going to be my friend.

Mommy came to pick me up around noon. Mrs. Gale told her that I was a very good and very happy baby. I ate when I supposed to. I didn't sleep for a full nap but I did snooze a couple of times. I smiled a lot, just to impress her. I also held my head up really good. She told Mommy she enjoyed me being there. I bet she says that to all the moms. 

There are also other children there at Mrs. Gale's. She took a picture of me with them. I'll see if Mommy will post it for me later. I've kept her pretty busy this afternoon. Since I didn't sleep much this morning at Mrs. Gale's, I slept a lot this afternoon. I was a little clingy and whiny too. I really missed my mommy. So she held me a good bit this afternoon. But now I'm much better. I can't wait to see Daddy and tell him about my day.

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