Aug 12, 2008

Sara Madalin's First Manicure

Well, I've put it off as long as I possibly could. I've been afraid to clip Sara Madalin's nails because I thought I might cut her skin. I've already bumped her head on the handle of her car seat and scratched the side of her head with MY fingernails. I don't think I could bear hearing her cry because Mommy cut her with nail clippers. But her nails were getting so long they HAD to be cut.

Look at her in this first picture. Doesn't she look terrified?

Eventually she got comfortable and almost fell asleep by the time I was finished.

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The Glenn Gang said...

Dan totally chopped the end of Jonah's finger off the first time we cut his nails. To make matters worse, it got infected and had to be lanced! OUCH!

To be honest "chopped the end of Jonah's finger off" is probably stretching the truth. BUT, there was blood and infection so I can say what I want when he isn't reading!!!