Aug 31, 2008


We didn't do much on Saturday. Reagan and I did a few things here in preparation of the weather we expect from the hurricane. Sara Madalin spent a little time in her bouncer. 

We ate dinner pretty early. We went to the Wynndale Steak House. We haven't been there in a while. Everything was so good. As we were leaving we noticed a horse trailer parked in the side lot. We thought Sara Madalin might like to see the horses. She wasn't really impressed with them. She did, however, like the trees and cars.

It was still early when we left the restaurant so we rode around in the country some. While we were out, we went by to see B.B. and Scooter. Sara Madalin smiled and laughed so much. This picture is of her while Amy was talking to her. She reacted the way I do to almost everything Amy says - laughter. Amy is so funny.

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