Aug 8, 2008

Watching the Olympics

Sara Madalin has taken an interest in TV the past couple days. I know that Mrs. Gale plays videos for the toddlers at her house. Maybe Sara Madalin has found that not everything that comes on TV is "Ugly Betty," "John and Kate Plus 8,"  and HGTV which is pretty much ALL we watch at our house. Anyway, I found her looking at the TV today while I was cleaning and she was in her bouncer. I don't remember what exactly was on at the time I noticed her, but I thought, "Hey, if she's watching I might as well play something educational." I put in one of her Baby Einstein DVDs. She watched for a god 20 minutes before she started acting restless. So we flipped it off and she came and watched me iron instead. 

While we waited for Reagan to get home from work tonight, we watched a little of the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. I propped Sara Madalin up on the couch. She doesn't like to lie down much any more. She likes to sit up - either in our arms or beside us. So, I put her there next to me and she watched for a few minutes. 

Then she must have thought I was funnier because she turned to me and started smiling and laughing at me. Luckily I already had the camera.

After a few smiles, something on the TV caught her eye again and she was back to watching the lights on the big screen in our living room.

By the way, my sister sent me an email yesterday and told me I needed to feed Sara Madalin a little more formula. As you can tell by the size of her cheeks, she's starving. I love those cheeks. I kiss them all day when I have her with me. She's also got a couple chins that I like to steal kisses from. Her shirt says it all, she is "Sugar and Spice and EVERYTHING nice."

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