Aug 22, 2008

We're Back

I have heard that EVERYONE is DYING for pictures of Sara Madalin. I'm fine, by the way, thank you for asking. I've had a fever over 100 every day and night since Monday. But I'm ok. I'm alive. On to Sara Madalin. 

I am only joking, of course. I HAVE been sick. That's why there have been no posts. But it has been worse on me than any of you who read about her. I wasn't even able to hold her from Monday until this morning. She would look at me in the mornings after Reagan fed her and it was so sweet. She'd grin at me and try to talk to me. I'd try to talk to her too, but nothing came out. Then she'd look at me as if to say, "Well, here I am. Hold me." But I couldn't because we have tried so hard to keep her from getting strept (I still don't how to spell it) throat. I started feeling bad about noon Monday and went to the doctor that afternoon. Got a shot. Was worse Tuesday. Suffered through Wednesday. My throat was swollen and hurt so bad I couldn't even swallow my own spit Thursday. Went back to the doctor. Was told I had an abscess on the back of my tonsil. Went to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. He gave me cortisone and a stronger antibiotic and told me to come back this morning and he'd determine whether or not he had to make an incision to release the puss. I know, pretty gross. Imagine being the one who has to have it done. I faint when I have any amount of blood drawn. And I'm not being dramatic. I really fall out on the floor, or chair, or where ever they have me. The thought of him sticking a needle in my mouth to first see if there is any puss there. And then sticking a knife in there to release said puss... I have to move on. Anyway, when I got up this morning I had a normal temperature and I could actually swallow. We went to the doctor and he said that if there is an abscess it is small. He told me to continue the meds he gave me and if I'm worse or not progressively better by Wednesday to come back.

Now, on to our little angel.

Reagan got her up this morning and fed her. She was so sweet and happy when she woke up. I think we caught her off guard because we were both in her room when he got her up and changed her diaper. She kept looking from one of us to the other and grinning. He fed her and then put her on our bed next to me while I finished putting my make-up on. Then we took a few pictures. With all that Reagan took up slack for me on this week, pictures and posting didn't make the cut. So, I know we have a lot to make up for.

I love this first photo. I think that's a look she'll use a lot on her Daddy. "Daddy, can I please have the money for the new, pretty shoes I found at Gymboree?" Funny, wonder where she learned that?

Another beautiful smile from the sweetest little girl in the world.

These next two are after he changed her to go to the sitter's. Our sitter has been such an angel this week. Sara Madalin has had to stay a little later since Reagan has picked her up every day (except Wednesday) and she has been so kind and accommodating. Reagan sat and visited with her and her husband some last night when he went to pick Sara Madalin up. I think they kind of like her from all they say.

I told Reagan that when she does get sick from anything, we should be able to tell. She eats well, she is so happy, and she sleeps through the night. If there's something wrong with her, all that's out the window. So, when she starts acting fussy, won't eat and won't sleep, we are taking her to the doctor. I may have to take her soon. My sister tells me she looks a little malnourished. Look at those cheeks and arms. Malnourished? I don't think so.

Good thing I'm feeling better, we're off to North MS to my nephew's birthday party. We should have plenty photos when we get back to make up for our absence this week. I'll post as soon as I can.

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