Aug 28, 2008

What a Big Girl

Everybody is so right when they say, "They grow up so fast." Our little girl is only 3 months old but she is already showing us that she is going to be independent and vocal. She's growing way too fast. I was holding her this afternoon and trying to cuddle with her because I hadn't seen her since 7:00 this morning. Well, she didn't want to be held and cuddled. She wanted to sit next to me so that she could see what all was going on around her. Then, when Reagan got home, she wanted to sit on the couch - ON HER OWN - while we were talking and watching TV. She sat in her Bumbo with her arms propped on the side and looked from one of us to the TV, then back to us. She'd squeal or talk every now and then just to let us know she was part of the conversation too. Talk about Miss Independent. 

She loves to talk. She gets that from her Daddy. She especially likes to talk in the morning and when she's having her diaper changed. Why? I've not quite figured that out yet. But when I'm changing her diaper, she lets me have it. She gives me the "what for" as they say. We have tried to video her talking but when we turn the camera on, she usually stops. Here is a picture of her talking to me. She looks like she is crying but she's not. She's just talking with attitude.

Finally, here she is after she was ready for bed and about to get her last bottle of the night. She is just so cute. And, to add to the argument that she's growing too fast, those PJs are 3-6 months. We had to buy a few 6 months size because she is so long.  I told her that she'll be taller than me before she's 6 years old if she doesn't slow down a little.

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