Sep 13, 2008

Afternoon at B. B.'s

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We went over to B. B. and Scooter's this afternoon to work with Aunt Amy and Aunt Anna on a presentation for Amy's wedding. Sara Madalin had the best time. She sat and talked to Amy for a little while at first. She loves Amy and thinks she is the funniest thing ever. Then Amy, Sara Madalin and I went out into the backyard for a few photos. The wind was blowing and it was so strong a couple times that it seemed to take her breath away. She'd close her eyes and it was so funny. At least it was to me and Amy. We stayed there for a while so Reagan could scan photos and work on getting things in order. She played with B. B. and Anna, had a bottle, took a nap, then got up and played some more.
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