Sep 26, 2008

Amy's Shower

We went to Amy and Craig's shower at Wayne and Susie's tonight. It was family and close friends and as always, we laughed and had a great time together.

When we first pulled up Skyler came running out to us and pointed and said, "There's Sara Madalin." I bent down so they could see each other and Sara Madalin immediately started grinning. We went out by the pool where all the tables and chairs had been set up. I sat Sara Madalin down in her Bumbo. Skyler sat down next to her and so I took a few pictures of them. These two girls love each other. Sara Madalin was squealing and talking to Skyler the whole time. 

Skyler went back inside to change clothes and get ready for the "birthday party." There was a cake and presents, so she kept saying, "Birthday party."

Is this next picture not the very picture of sweetness and innocence? As a matter of fact, I think we have found Sara Madalin's first nickname, Sugar. We were watching "Survivor" last night (I am a HUGE Survivor fan) and one of the cast members this season is named Sugar. We joked and said that was what we should have named Sara Madaliln. Well, the more I thought about it, the more I agree, she should have been named that. She is pure sugar. Anyway, look at this sweet face.

Reagan and I walked over to the edge of the pool so we could have our photo taken with the water in the background. Eddie said he would take the photo. But as Reagan was taking a couple photos of me and Sara Madalin, Eddie sneaked into our picture. He is so funny.

I love this picture. She wasn't smiling, but it's still a good picture in my opinion.

About the time we were finishing our picture, Skyler came back out and she wanted to be part of the action. So I took a picture with the girls.

Then Skyler's little brother, Cash, came out. Everybody picks that Cash and Sara Madalin are going to grow up and be boyfriend and girlfriend one day. So his Aunt Barbara thought it would be cute to take a picture of the two of them together for them to have when they are older. I got so tickled because he was so sweet. And he kept reaching over and touching Sara Madalin. She just sat there and never made a sound.

Aunt Bobby and Uncle Charlie arrived soon after the pictures were taken. She had to get her hands on Sara Madalin. And hers were the last arms Sara Madalin visited all night.

Amy finally made it to her party. This is her and Cash's older cousin, Charlie. Look at those beautiful blue eyes.

Amy, Hayes, Mamie (Craig's sister) and Craig (Amy's fiance)

Hayes tried with all his might to fit into Cash's car/walker.

The Sojourner boys know how to pick them. Here are Michael and Matt's wives, Jennifer and Ashley. They are such beautiful girls.

Anna and Skyler

Trey and Amy

How sweet. Hayes and Skyler

B.B. and Anna

About an hour after we got there, Sara Madalin had her bottle, I changed her diaper and clothes, and she went on to sleep. Hey, it was her bedtime. She was not going to let 30 people talking and a wedding shower mess up her schedule. We are so blessed that she is such a good baby. She did not fuss the whole night. And when it was time for her bottle, she ate and she laid down in her Mommy's arms and went to sleep. Talking didn't bother her. Kids running around screaming didn't bother her. Lights, cold, nothing bothered her. Trust me, I know that is not the norm. I am so thankful that God made her the way He did. He knew just what her Mommy needed and could handle.

Not long after she fell asleep, Aunt Bobbye came back over to us and "relieved" me. She held Sara Madalin until we left.

Amy and Craig started opening presents and found that they had LOTS of help. It was, after all, a "birthday party."

Pop-Pop (Wayne) and B.B.

Skyler's La-La and Meemaw

As always, we had a great time with our "family." They have treated Reagan as a part of their family since he was 11 years old. Then they welcomed me once we started dating. And now, they treat Sara Madalin as another grandchild, neice or cousin. We are so blessed and thankful to have each of these people as part of our lives. And I'm so glad Sara Madalin will grow up with all these babies. I pray that God uses all of them in a mighty way.

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hi kids i have been folling since day one sorry i have not been over i have been alot under the weather and having a hard time medically.perhaps we can get together soon. have alot to talk about.

love to all mama