Sep 28, 2008

Mam-Maw, Pap-Paw & Porches

Reagan's dad called us Friday night and asked if we'd like to meet them for lunch today. They told Reagan's sister that they had gone about as long as they could without seeing Sara Madalin. Reagan's sister, Susan, and her daughter, Mandy, and son, Mitch, came down to eat with us too. We ate lunch at Porches. It's one of those small town, unique places. It's an old, antebellum house that has been turned into a restaurant. They serve plate lunches and home-made deserts. I love eating there. We took a few pictures after lunch.

Mandy, me and Sara Madalin

Me and my Sugar-Sugar

Mitch, Mandy and Sara Madalin

Mitch, Mandy, Sara Madalin and Reagan

Reagan's parents, Reagan and Sara Madalin in front of Porches

After lunch we went to Mamaw and Papaw's house. Sara Madalin had a good time playing on the floor with Mitch. She was so funny squealing and talking to him. Then she got tired and Aunt Susan held her while she took a quick nap.

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