Sep 21, 2008

My Mommy Will be Old One Day

I want to remind everyone who sees how Mommy dressed me today that one day she will be old and senile and I will be in charge of picking out her clothes. (Please excuse my wet face. I'm having some issues with drooling.)

So, I'll admit the outfit isn't so bad. But will you look at that hat. Seriously, Mommy?

I got to stay in the nursery for both Sunday school and church today. It was kind of loud in there. But I had a good time. I even took a little nap before Mommy came to get me. The only problem with nursery for my age is that I'm the only girl in there. And those Sojourner boys keep flirting with me. One of them waves and smiles at me every time I look at him. The other scoots all the way across the room to get where I am. I just can't figure out if they are interested in me or my pacie.

As you can see, I enjoyed a little time on the floor gym mat. Notice that I've kicked my right shoe off. Twice. I just focus on the rings better with the shoe off.

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