Sep 17, 2008

Our Friends in Guatemala

Sorry, this is not a post about Sara Madalin. Please forgive me.

My friend Regina reminded me earlier this week that about this time last year we were visiting her and her husband, David, in Guatemala. They are missionaries there. While we were there they were able to spend some free time with us. We had a GREAT time. I wish we could visit them more. Anyway, when she reminded me that we were there with them last September I looked at our photos again. I thought I would share some of the funniest and most memorable moments of our time with them.

The first picture is of me and a piece of "art" in our hotel room in Coban, the town where David and Regina live. The figure really freaked me out. I let Reagan take my picture with it and then we turned it completely around and hid it behind the big lamp in the left side of the picture.

We also had a chance to visit Antigua. While we were there we ate dinner at a restaurant within a hotel that was once a monestary. It was so beautiful inside the hotel and in their courtyard. For dinner I ordered tilapia. I wasn't aware that when you order fish in a third world country, they cook the WHOLE fish and bring it to you. I did eat SOME of it.  Never did I realize that 6 months later I'd eat a whole lot scarier things there during our second visit as part of a mission team. But, that's another post.

This was one of Reagan's favorite photos. We visited the caves in Rey Marcos. Before we took the tour, we walked around the area and found this bridge over a little creek. It was so pretty and I loved hearing the waterfall and rushing water.

This next picture only took about 5 tries for us to get. Reagan and Regina kept running over to set the time on the camera and then running back to sit down. We have about three pictures of me and David sitting and Reagan and Regina trying to sit and squat really quickly before the camera shoots. It was funny to us. That's why we're also smiling so big.

This last picture is one of my favorites. Me and my friend-girl. I miss her. They are coming home for a visit in a few weeks and I am so excited. I know that they are happy where they are and it is clear to everyone who has visited them that they are without a doubt in the center of God's will serving in Guatemala. But I'm glad I'll get to see her for a few days soon. 

It's weird to think that these photos were taken BEFORE SARA MADALIN. We have so many memories and have had so much fun traveling before she became a part of our lives. We hope to make many more, only with her in tow. Get your passport, little girl, you've got places to go and people to see.

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The White's said...

When I read your post today this post was at the bottom listed as "You might also like:" Let me just say that YES, I like it! It made me smile! :-)